For almost 30 years we have always been proactive against crime at our facility. We use several different deterrents to thwart crime. We believe it is more important to stop crime than to record it.

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1.   We have computerized access control with individual codes and a record of all traffic. Everyone is screened at the gate.

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2.      Any climbing, crawling, or cutting of the fence will send an instant signal response to the alarm system when armed. This facility has 1500 feet of fence with barbed wire and state-of-the-art cable computer monitoring system that surrounds the contents in the facility.

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3.    Inside the facility there are strategically placed motion sensors monitoring movement. When armed there will be an instant response sent to the alarm system.

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4.      The convenient 30,000 watt halogen lighting system is available for your on-demand use and it is also   incorporated into the alarm system.

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